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 September 30, 2016 |

Our media tends to fixate on celebrity couples and their successes and failures. Though many of us may experience fatigue hearing about celebrity divorce and spats over alimony, oftentimes within these stories are lessons to be learned. A Louisianan may be able to better see how a high-asset divorce may affect them and how child support matters can affect their day-to-day lives. Another area where celebrity divorces can be illustrative is child custody.

It was just recently announced that actress Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from her husband and superstar actor Brad Pitt. In a bit of twist to the story, Jolie has indicated in her divorce petition that she will be seeking sole custody of the couple’s six children. The divorce filing and custody request come just one day after Pitt allegedly verbally and physically abused his children while on a flight between France and the U.S. The matter was allegedly referred to the Federal Bureau of Investigation as it occurred while in the air.

At this point, the abuse is merely alleged, but an investigation, whether by the FBI, local police or the local Department of Child Services may take place. If such an investigation substantiates any of the allegations, then the matter may have a dramatic effect on any child custody proceedings. Yet, even if the allegations are unsubstantiated, the mere fact that there was an investigation can make it an uphill battle to retain joint custody.

So what does this mean for Louisianans who are amidst a child custody dispute? It means that any involvement with regard to child abuse or neglect can drastically change a party’s position with regard to negotiation and argument before the court. Therefore, those who find themselves dealing with this issue, regardless of which side they are on, should be sure to prepare themselves with how to handle the situation.

Source: USA Today, “Child abuse claims help poison Brangelina divorce,” Maria Puente and Lorena Blas Sep. 23, 2016

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