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Settling a divorce out of court can have numerous benefits. Out-of-court settlements are more private, keeping your sensitive information confidential. It also protects you and your family from the stress associated with courtroom drama. Most importantly, an out-of-court divorce settlement is less costly than a trial. However, you and your former spouse need expert legal guidance to ensure a fair divorce settlement. Here are ways in which a lawyer can help.  

Proper Legal Representation

This is arguably the main reason you need a lawyer for an out-of-court divorce settlement.  A lawyer will provide proper legal representation and guide you through the entire procedure, ensuring a favorable outcome. If possible, never enter into any settlement process without legal counsel.

Professional Evaluation of the Case

Unless you have legal knowledge or you are a practicing lawyer, it is impossible to evaluate a divorce case. A divorce attorney has the experience and expertise to handle divorce cases in court and out of court. The lawyer will evaluate the issues presented and assess the merits of the case to determine a more predictable outcome.

Effective Negotiation

Out-of-court divorce settlements require top negotiation skills. If you decide to enter settlement procedures without legal counsel, you might end up not getting your fair share of the deal. A lawyer will negotiate with your spouse’s lawyer for a more reasonable monetary award and other settlement offers.


A lawyer will help interpret the law and handle all the paperwork involved during the out-of-court divorce settlement. If both parties fail to agree and end up in court, your lawyer can provide legal representation during court proceedings and use the documents as evidence.

Need Help With Out-of-Court Divorce Settlement?

While out-of-court divorce settlements can be a cheaper and more confidential option, you require legal counsel to ensure a favorable outcome. Your lawyer will assess the case and negotiate the settlement on your behalf, ensuring you receive your rightful award. At Rowe & Manning, we have years of experience in offering legal services in Baton Rouge, LA. Our attorneys have what it takes to handle out-of-court divorce settlements. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. 

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