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 March 3, 2017 |

Sometimes divorce can be settled amicably, meaning that the parties work well together in addressing pertinent legal issues, such as property division, child custody, child support, and alimony, and are able to reach a fair resolution with which all are comfortable. However, there are other times when even the most skilled mediator is able to bring parties to an agreement regarding one or more of these issues. When this happens, the matter may need to be taken to court.

Under these circumstances, Louisiana residents need to do everything they can to protect themselves and, thus, their futures. As we discussed on the blog a few weeks ago, electronic communications are playing an even larger role in divorce proceedings, and an individual’s ability to use them to his or her advantage, or defend against them, can make a world of difference in the marriage dissolution’s outcome.

This is why our legal at the Rowe & Manning Law Firm LLC leaves no stone unturned when dealing with divorce. Whether it appears that the family legal issues will be settled out of court or they will need to be litigated, our legal professionals ensure that every piece of evidence is considered and used to its fullest potential. This could give an individual incredible bargaining power during negotiations, or buttress his or her position when the matter goes before a judge.

Many Louisiana residents feel that they can either proceed with their divorce on their own, or that they only need minimal legal assistance. Ultimately, this is a call that each individual must make on his or her own, but it may be worth discussing one’s case with a qualified, full-service family law professional to determine where their case stands, meaning that they have identified their strengths and weaknesses going into the proceedings. With this assessment complete, a skilled attorney can help craft a strategy aimed at maximizing the potential for a positive outcome, throttling an individual towards a bright post-divorce future.

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