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 December 22, 2016 |

A few weeks ago on this blog we discussed the visitation laws in Louisiana and why they are important for parents to understand. Those who are unaware of these laws may fail to take advantage of them when doing so is in their child’s best interests. However, simply choosing to be knowledgeable about the law isn’t enough to truly protect your legal rights. If you are seeking to exercise your visitation rights, you need to know how to make compelling legal arguments that support your position.

At the Rowe & Manning Law Firm LLC, our legal team is dedicated to helping families resolve their legal issues. When it comes to resolving child custody issues, our team of legal professionals work with their clients to ensure that the law is used to their advantage. There may also be instances where therapists are involved in child custody and visitation cases, and we can work with them to identify an appropriate course of action that supports the child’s best interests.

Sometimes it is in a child’s best interest for both parents to share joint custody. Other times it is in the child’s best interests for one parent to have primary custody and the other parent have visitation rights. In either of these circumstances, it is important that the best interests of the child are kept in mind.

Your relationship with your child is precious. This is why it is important to compile your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs into compelling legal arguments that communicate clearly to a judge. An attorney’s assistance in such situations can be invaluable. The legal team at Rowe & Manning Law Firm LLC understands this, and works towards helping parents in child custody and visitation cases reach a fair solution.

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