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 October 25, 2013 |

Two grandparents have been granted custody of their three grandchildren after a court battle that lasted for months. They now plan to go forward with a grandparent adoption of the children. Custody of the three kids was up for grabs after their 2-year-old brother died at the start of the year because a stove fell on him while he was trying to climb on it while unsupervised.

That resulted in the three remaining children being removed from their parents’ home and being placed in state custody. They would have faced the very real danger of being separated in their placements. The grandparents were determined not to let that happen and to keep the family together. They initiated court proceedings seeking custody and endured a number of home visits to prove that they could provide a suitable place for their three grandchildren, a girl and two boys, to live.

Custody and adoption decision are made in the best interest of the children. When a parent is either not available or deemed unfit to raise children, other relatives, including grandparents, can intervene and seek custody or adoption of the children. This allows them to provide a good home for the children and helps to maintain family ties. It also avoids the separation of siblings in separate foster or adoptive homes.

Experienced adoption attorneys can help loving grandparents navigate through all the legal hoops that the courts and state agencies often have in place. Grandparents who want to provide a great home for their grandkids to grow and thrive in can benefit from an attorney’s advice. While this case occurred in neighboring Kentucky rather than Louisiana, plenty of grandparents in this state have confronted similar situations and ably met the challenges involved in being older and raising young children.

Source:, “Custody Battle Over For Rowan County Grandparents” No author given, Oct. 04, 2013

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