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 September 20, 2013 |

Divorce is common in today’s society, with about half of all marriages ending that way. In many cases, children are involved. One recent trend in family law is that many divorced parents are cooperating to create a positive family life for children. Experienced divorce attorneys can help fashion arrangements related to child custody, support and visitation that can help facilitate such cooperation and lead to amicable cooperation. This avoids much of the acrimony and recrimination that could otherwise mar children’s lives and experiences.

No one is saying that there may not be a downside to divorce. But it need not be ugly and hostile, especially after the marriage is over. This often means that both parents, together with both sets of grandparents, unite for celebrations such as birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving and especially big lifetime events such as graduations. You divorce your spouse, but you don’t divorce your children. Few things are as important as furnishing your children with a secure and stable environment and the reassurance that even though their parents may not longer be together, both parents love and support them, and will always be there for them.

In some instances, children’s activities have resulted in divorced parents jointly attending a school sporting event or play in order to support their son or daughter. In other instances, parents have taken joint vacations to accompany the kids to a treasured experience, such as Disneyworld.

That level of cooperation may not be possible in all circumstances, but at the very least, an atmosphere of civility can be cultivated to make sure it is possible to work in the same direction to help raise the children to be happy, successful and well-educated.

Source:  The Seattle Times, “Couples can divorce without drama: Beyond the hurt, anger and fear” Susan Kelleher, Sep. 02, 2013

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