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Going To Court Doesn’t Have To Be The First Option

When dealing with a business dispute, it is typical that a business may consider taking the matter to court as a first option. However, this may not always be the best way to see a resolution. Litigation can be costly and take an extensive amount of time in order to resolve the matter. Business mediation is an option that many businesses do not consider, but should.

At the Rowe & Manning Law Firm LLC, our attorneys are committed to helping businesses move forward from disputes by resolving their issues as quickly as possible. The mediation process involves the participation of a third-party mediator who works to find points of agreement and makes the disputing parties agree upon a fair result. This is a dispute resolution process through which give and take may be required in order to reach the best possible result for all involved parties.

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In business, mediation is not a court-ordered process. However, it is an avenue of resolution that is worth exploring. Mediation can save your business time, as you and the other party set up the meeting times instead of running on the court’s schedule. It can also save your business thousands of dollars in litigation costs, as mediation is a cost-effective solution.

Trained Mediator

With years of experience as an attorney and with specialized civil litigation mediator training, lawyer William Rowe is able to act as a neutral in business mediation matters. He strives to help both parties reach an agreement that suits their needs and goals as best as possible.

Shuttle Diplomacy

When handling a business mediation matter, such as a contract dispute, our firm does not represent one side or the other. A trained mediator at our firm acts as an intermediary doing “shuttle diplomacy.” This means that the mediator goes back and forth between the two parties, who are in separate rooms at the same facility, to discuss the terms of the agreement. Both parties are represented by counsel who can advise on any decisions that are being made.

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