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Why Work With A Certified Civil Mediator?

If you are in need of mediation services, the Rowe & Manning Law Firm LLC is ready to help. The Rowe & Manning Law Firm LLC works to bring opposing sides to agreement through mediation. As a mediator in legal disputes, our goal is to facilitate mutually agreeable settlements through structured, time-tested techniques.

As a civil certified mediator, attorney William C. Rowe Jr. helps individuals and business reach mutually acceptable resolutions without the stress or expense of trial.

Why Work With A Certified Civil Mediator?

You deserve prompt and professional mediation services from someone you can trust. At the Rowe & Manning Law Firm LLC in Baton Rouge, we have decades of experience and a record of success in mediation as well as litigation.

There are several reasons to trust a certified mediator with your legal dispute:

  • Let a neutral mediator help you compromise — Rowe & Manning Law Firm LLC works hard to help both sides develop a thorough and shared understanding of the dispute, and then guide them through the process of defining a practical, fair and lasting resolution.
  • Secure your own advocate during mediation — Our experience mediating disputes gives us unique insights into the mediation process. This allows us to act as dedicated counsel for parties engaged in mediation. We will guide you toward the best resolution to your legal dispute, whether it involves compromising with the other party or preparing for court.
  • Protect your interests in litigation — Sometimes, two opposing parties simply cannot reach an agreement through mediation. If you have attempted to negotiate a dispute but were unable to reach an agreement, our firm is prepared to fight for you in court.

Tailored Legal Solutions — Outside The Courtroom And Outside The Box

Mediation is private and confidential, and the lawyers at Rowe & Manning Law Firm LLC will take the time to work through your dispute intelligently rather than push you toward an outcome with which you aren’t comfortable.

To learn more about our mediation services and arrange a consultation, please contact us online. You may also call 225-452-4408 to speak with a member of our staff today.

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