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The Rowe & Manning Law Firm LLC provides businesses with knowledgeable and aggressive representation for litigation involving their real estate concerns. We have built a reputation for trustworthy and loyal service to our clients. We believe in providing honest and efficient evaluations and a high level of interaction with our clients to get them answers when they need them. Talk to us first about getting an experienced Louisiana commercial real estate litigation attorney to assert and defend your claims.

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It is often said that business starts from the ground up. Our lawyers regularly represent commercial clients from the initial purchase and development to sale or lease of large commercial properties and land assets. You can visit our business and commercial law and litigation page for more information. We also represent a large number of medium and small businesses just getting started or making a move. Visit our page devoted to business startups for information regarding the unique challenges facing growing businesses. Banks, mortgage lenders and financiers appreciate our knowledge of business and real estate law along with our skill in litigating claims.

Meeting Challenges Head-On

When a dispute arises, you can rely on our experience and our knowledge of business to provide you with representation that is up to the task. Business owners along with developers and operators face many hurdles in land use and property development, including zoning laws, land use laws, land zoning, adverse possession, claims of negligent misrepresentation, eminent domain claims and other disputes with local, municipal or government authorities. We have helped a number of businesses at the forefront of property development as commercial builders and in cooperative developments, and we have helped condominium developers with condominium law and association disputes.

Commercial leases can too often give rise to landlord-tenant disputes, tenant eviction and other property claims. We can give you aggressive and efficient legal representation for your landlord-tenant claims.

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