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 December 28, 2017 |

Holiday season both brings families together and increases tensions in families already struggling to keep a happy façade for loved one’s sakes. Though it may not seem like the best option at the time, one should consider starting the New Year on a new note and leave fledgling relationships behind. One reason may be because with divorces come uncertainties and many Louisiana residents prefer being in a situation that they are familiar with rather than one they are uncertain about.

One way to reduce uncertainties is by getting to know as much about the related family law issues. Child custody laws, property division and alimony are just some of the issues that arise and need resolution before a divorce agreement can be finalized and any of these topics can be a source of dispute between a divorcing couple.

Experienced lawyers such as those at our firm are knowledgeable about these issues and how to resolve them as amicably as possible. Additionally, we work with couples before they are married to try to create fair and enforceable prenuptial agreements, with them while they are married to create post-nuptial agreements and during a divorce to discuss spousal maintenance and property division issues.

By keeping our clients in the loop, we try to remove as much uncertainty as possible so couples do not hesitate to take a step that is right for their future. Though many believe litigation is the only option, we also are experienced mediators and can try different approaches to achieve our client’s goals. Visit our Divorce page for more information.

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