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Relinquishing a child to an adoptive family can be a big decision for birth parents. In any case, the biological parents lose their legal rights for the child after adoption. The birth parents will no longer be responsible for raising the child or paying child support. However, the birth parents may have a few rights before the adoption process is complete. These rights include the following:

The Legal Right to Change Your Mind

Birth parents have the right to change their minds at any point before the adoption process is complete. You can change your mind even after you have met the adoptive family or after giving birth.

The Right to Select the Child’s Adoptive Family

A birth parent has the right to select the right adoptive family for their baby. You will receive profiles of families that wish to adopt your child, allowing you to choose one who is right for your child.

The Right to Create an Adoption Plan

You have the legal right to create an adoption plan. This right puts you in charge of the adoption process from start to finish.

The Right to Choose Your Post-Placement Relationship

When you give up your child for adoption, your rights and responsibilities for the child end. However, open adoptions can give you the right to remain part of the child’s life.

The Right to Choose When to Sign the Adoption Paperwork

Birth parents have the right to choose when to sign the adoption paperwork. You can take as much time as you need to decide before signing the paperwork.

The Right to Revoke Consent

While most states do not allow for revoking consent to adoption after finalizing the paperwork, you may have the right to revoke consent in cases of fraud or coercion. Mutual agreements between the birth parents and adoptive family can also allow for revoking consent.

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