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 December 20, 2013 |

Ex-NBA basketball star Allen Iverson,is being sued by his former wife. She contends that he has violated the provisions of their divorce settlement, including the property division. She wants a family law judge to issue a restraining order on her former spouse mandating that she obtain some money she says she is owed out of a shoe endorsement deal he is scheduled to collect on in early 2014. That should net him around $450,000.

Iverson’s ex-wife claims that she is owed approximately $225,000. If the order she wants is granted, those funds would be attached before he receives them. At the very least, he would be restrained from spending it all before she gets a chance to collect what she claims is her money.

The former star athlete is accused of refusing to divide up existing marital property in the proportions mandated by the divorce decree. His former wife also made statements calling his level of interest in his children into question. They have five children who were the product of an almost nine year marriage. Divorce proceedings began three years ago.

Experienced family law attorneys often can resolve many issues during the initial divorce proceedings. On occasion though, a husband or wife, after the case is settled, may not live up to the terms of the divorce decree. This could include a violation of the child support obligation, the agreed-upon property division, or something else entirely. In those cases, there is the option of going back to court to seek enforcement or modification of the original court orders. Courts in Louisiana and elsewhere can seize or garnish assets, including wages or non-employee compensation, hold a party in contempt, or take other enforcement actions.

Source:, “Allen Iverson’s ex-wife seeks restraining order for money” Michelle E. Shaw, Dec. 09, 2013

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