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 July 7, 2020 |

It is no secret that going through the end of a marriage can be stressful, and the outcome of the situation could prompt a variety of changes in your life. Following your divorce, you may wish to experience a change in scenery, and moving to a new location might play a vital role in opening a new chapter in your life.

While in some cases this might involve little more than securing new living arrangements, the process could prove somewhat more complex if you have children. Even if the motivating force behind your desire to relocate is a necessity, seeking approval to carry out your wishes could still be challenging.

Influencing factors

If you and your former spouse cannot reach an agreement concerning your desire to relocate, it might be up to the courts to make the final decision. Some of the topics that might influence the outcome your request may include:

  • Reason for request: Whether it involves a desire to move closer to family or accepting a job in a new area, your reason for requesting to relocate will likely play a role in the outcome of your situation.
  • Impact on visitation: The effect your proposed relocation would have on your current visitation schedule could also have a significant influence on how much resistance you encounter.
  • Distance of the move:  Distance can also play a part in this process, as the greater the distance, the more your new arrangement might impact your parenting plan and your children.
  • Age of the kids: The court may also take the age of your kids into account during this process, and in some cases, the court might even ask them to weigh in on the request.

Child custody can be one of the toughest and most hotly debated aspects of family law, and even if you feel relocation is not only preferable but also necessary, you may still encounter some level of tension.

The next steps

If circumstances in life leave you facing a need to relocate, you may wish to take every possible measure to modify your existing parenting plan to better align with your new situation. Since seeking approval can be complex, it could prove exceedingly beneficial to consult with someone who is knowledgeable in Louisiana state child custody laws for much-needed guidance in navigating the process. Such advice could help you better prepare to seek the most favorable outcome achievable concerning your future and the future of your children.

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