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 May 13, 2020 |

When you recall your wedding day, you might experience mixed emotions. If you’ve been married 20 or more years, you might feel nostalgic or awestruck at how quickly time has passed. You might have pleasant memories about that day and the dreams you and your new spouse shared for your future together. If you’re currently preparing for divorce in a Louisiana court, you might also experience feelings of sadness when you think back to when your relationship was better than it is now.

Marriage is typically a journey that includes challenges for the spouses involved. Some issues can weaken the bond two spouses share together. Every relationship is unique, which is why an issue from which one couple is able to rebound might be the breaking point for another. If you’re considering divorce, it’s helpful to discuss the issue with someone who can provide much needed support.

Lack of intimacy is a big problem

Not every couple who decides to divorce has experienced a cataclysmic event that ruined their relationship. Perhaps, you relate more to Louisiana spouses who say they grew tired of a lack of intimacy in their marriage. Such spouses believe it’s possible to fall out of love. If you decided you’d rather move on in life alone than stay in an unhappy relationship, you might be among those who cite this reason as a causal factor in divorce.

Was there a communication breakdown?

When you married your spouse, you may have enjoyed the fact that your personalities were polar opposite. However, if your different styles and opinions led to a serious communication problem as time went on, you might relate to other spouses who say they would rather divorce than be stuck in a relationship where peaceful communication is impossible.

Then again, you and your spouse might consider yourselves two peas from the same pod but still have trouble communicating. If you argue over even the most minor issues, you might agree with those who say it’s better to part ways than stay in a relationship where you always feel misunderstood or as though you have to defend your every opinion.

Parenting disputes can put a damper on a marriage

Having children may be one of the best yet most challenging experiences of your life. If you and your spouse constantly disagree over issues that relate to your kids, you might be among those who choose to divorce and co-parent from separate households.

Issues that may complicate proceedings

Some issues that may have influenced your decision to file for divorce may follow you into the courtroom. For instance, if you and your spouse have trouble communicating, you might find it difficult to achieve an amicable agreement on matters of property division, child custody or alimony.

You can take comfort in knowing that you don’t have to go it alone. In such cases, it helps to rely on additional support to advocate on your behalf and help you protect your rights and children’s best interests.

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