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 January 20, 2017 |

Regardless of who you are, your financial standing or your family makeup, getting a divorce can force you to deal with some serious legal issues. The outcome of these matters can reshape your financial and emotional future, and may even define how much time you get to spend with your children. Although many couples are able to resolve these family law legal issues in an amicable way, many others are forced to take their marriage dissolution to court where arguments are made and a judge issues a ruling to settle the matters.

This is where one high-profile divorce stands after the parties separated in 2007. The case, which involves the founder of Cancer Treatment Centers of America and his wife, involves extremely valuable assets. The couple is battling over the division of those assets as well as spousal support. The ex-wife is now seeking $400,000 a month in alimony, stating that the amount is necessary to maintain the standard of living she enjoyed while married.

Although the couple had a prenuptial agreement, these fights still rage on a year after their divorce was finalized. The ex-wife recently took to the stand to testify, hoping to buttress her claim for what she thinks is her fair share of assets. There has been no judgment on the case yet, but when one is issued it is sure to rock the financial realities of each side.

While many don’t think of family law as a litigious business, when things get messy, the outcome of a case can turn on one’s side’s ability to make persuasive legal arguments. Therefore, Louisianans who are dealing with family law issues, whether the initiation of a divorce, the modification of child custody or an adjustment to spousal support, may want to consider seeking help from an attorney. This way, an individual’s best interests will be protected and his or her position will be advocated for in a way that is fair.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Almost 8 years into bitter divorce case, hospital founder’s ex takes the stand,” Robert McCoppin, Jan. 11, 2017

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