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 March 16, 2018 |

When a couple is together, they may not even realize how much their lives are intertwined with another. Everything, from the expenditure to the child’s schooling, is decided upon jointly and responsibilities shared under some framework. When the couple decides to end their marriage then, separating their lives and finances becomes a complex issue and an innumerable amount of family law issues arise.

The end of a marriage a stressful time and even couples who had vowed not to bicker amongst themselves end up expressing bitterness by creating disputes. As a result, all the parties involved in the divorce suffer, as the proceedings become drawn out and money and time is invested in the process. Having someone else deal with the details and negotiations can go a long way in avoiding disputes.

The skilled lawyers at the Rowe & Manning Law Firm LLC work with their clients to get them the best outcome possible and this does not only have to be achieved through litigation. We also are experienced mediators and are willing to go down this road if parties agree. However, that does not mean we are not ready to proceed to court, should the situation warrant.

There are certain legalities that must be completed before a couple can get divorced and if these are not fulfilled on time, they may end up drawing out the separation. With our knowledge and experience, we ensure we protect our client’s rights both now and in the future so they can move on with their life. For more information, visit our family law web page.

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