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 November 12, 2015 |

Many Louisiana residents struggle to raise their children. A big part of this is a lack of financial resources, particularly if the noncustodial parent is not pulling his or her weight. On the other hand, many noncustodial parents find themselves facing their own financial uncertainty, and are therefore unable to make good on their child support obligations. This means that a delicate balance must be struck in regards to a child support payment amount and the understanding that anything less could lead to undesirable consequences.

Even celebrities are not immune to child support issues. For example, rapper DMX was recently arrested for failing to pay his support obligation. According to reports, the rapper was in contempt of the court’s order when he failed to pay his children’s mother $10,000 a month in support. DMX was release without bail after claiming that he had performances scheduled that would help him earn the money he owes.

Though most Louisiana residents who owe child support are not looking at paying $10,000 a month, they may face similar stresses and struggles. Therefore, when a noncustodial parent faces financial challenges, whether the loss of a job or the onset of an unexpected medical condition, he or she should consider seeking a modification of child support. On the flip side, those who are looking to collect owed child support should take all the steps they can to ensure they recover what they and their child deserve.

In the end, child support is a difficult issue to tackle and, unlike property division, it can be ongoing and evolve over time. By being proactive about protecting one’s legal rights, however, an individual may be able to find that delicate balance that is needed to make sure all parties are treated fairly.

Source: USA Today, “Rapper DMX arrested for failure to pay child support,” Matt Coyne and Michael D’Onofrio, Oct. 29, 2015

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