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 August 31, 2017 |

Once a couple decides to end their marriage, it means they are terminating most of their rights and duties for and to one another. But when children are involved, the obligations to the children remain very much alive. That means that the divorcing couple has to figure out how they are going to share custody of their children; where the children will physically live and how decisions regarding the children’s future will be made. In addition to this, parents also have to figure out how the parent without physical custody will visit the children. Usually, a non-custodial parent cannot just get up on a whim and decide that they want to pick up the kids from school.

These decisions can be made amicably if both the parents agree on their own, with or without legal assistance. Judges in Louisiana, like in most other states, would prefer to enforce custody and visitation schedules that the parents have agreed on. This is because it generally suits the parent’s schedule; therefore, there are no surprises.

However, an agreement is not always necessary and courts have to intervene. As mentioned previously, courts look at a number of factors to determine what would be in the child’s best interests and then determine what custody arrangement and visitation schedule would achieve that. There is a presumption that the involvement of both parents is beneficial for children and the court tries to award that, but it may not suit the parents all the time.

In either situation, whether the court intervenes or not, it is always better to have someone on your side, to advocate your position during an emotionally difficult time. Lawyers at our firm provide that guidance and assistance, ensuring the best possible solution for their clients. For more information, visit our page. Our experienced attorneys can assess your situation, ensuring your parental rights and protecting and the best interests of the child are preserved.

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