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Child Support

How Is Child Support Determined?

Child support is determined in Louisiana by a child support guidelines table that takes into account the income of each parent, the number and ages of the children, and other expenses such as those related to health care or special needs. A knowledgeable family attorney can tell you what to expect when it comes to child support.

At the Rowe & Manning Law Firm LLC, we can let you know your child support rights and obligations and we can also help determine child support when other factors, such as a disability or other special needs, come into play to affect the basic child support obligation. Contact a Baton Rouge, Louisiana, child support lawyer today to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your situation and how we can help.

What Happens If Child Support Goes Unpaid?

Failure to pay child support can result in wage garnishment and other penalties. We are experienced in cases involving delinquent child support payments and child support enforcement issues.

A custody order is required for child support modification, even when divorcing spouses believe they worked out a verbal agreement between themselves in the face of special circumstances, such as temporarily paying less support when the noncustodial parent has suffered job loss. People often don’t realize that they are up against a court order. It is important to get an amended custody order that must be signed by a judge to prevent problems of back child support.

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We also represent clients concerning child custody and other family law issues as well as in other legal matters. You can count on us to work to achieve your desired results while minimizing the fees involved.

Contact the Rowe & Manning Law Firm LLC today to discuss your child support rights and obligations.

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