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Child Support Modification

Child Support Can Become Overwhelming If Circumstances Change

Are you struggling to pay the level of child support ordered by the court? Are you a custodial parent not receiving child support that is needed? Children need financial support as well as emotional support. But how much, and how is the burden shared?

Child support in Louisiana is calculated based on a formula that takes into account both parents’ income, and their existing necessary expenses and obligations. If the couple was married this was established at the time of divorce.

How Do You Get A Modification?

In order to get a court to change the amount of child support due, it must be shown that there was a material change of circumstances, or that one parent’s income or expenses dropped or rose significantly. If your income has fallen or you have new expenses due to a change of job location, for example, you may be able to have the support order modified.

If the other parent has remarried, inherited money, got a big raise or otherwise gained income, you may be able to have his or her share of the expenses increased or yours decreased.

Don’t Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

Whatever you do, don’t simply stop paying or reduce your payments on your own. You will still owe the money and could be charged with contempt of court. Louisiana takes child support very seriously. Your wages could be garnished, your tax refund could be withheld, and your driver’s license could even be revoked. Even if your ex agrees to a change, you need the court’s approval.

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