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What Happens When A Parent Wants To Move?

Divorced parents or unmarried parents often run into situations where they require modifications to their child custody and visitation agreements. While it is possible for parents to agree to a change without litigation, court approval is required at all times.

At the Rowe & Manning Law Firm LLC, our family law lawyers have extensive experience representing parents throughout the custody and visitation modification process. We know what steps must be followed and when they must be taken when seeking relocation or other modifications. Learn more by contacting our child and parent relocation attorneys.

Louisiana Relocation Laws Require Written Notice

Under current Louisiana law, a parent who is seeking to relocate with his or her children must first give written notice of the intent to relocate at least 30 days before he or she intends to leave. This notice then provides enough time for the other parent to accept or resist the request.

If you wish to move away with your child, and you fail to give your child’s other parent written notice, you will lose any relocation case before a judge. Do not make this mistake.

At our family law firm, we represent parties on either side of a relocation request. For parents seeking to move, we can help ensure that your written notice meets all requirements under the law. For the potentially left-behind parents, we provide quick, responsive representation by filing a suit in family court.

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