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Should You Date While Getting A Divorce?

Speak with an attorney before you begin dating during divorce. Although the law has evolved and modernized, there are still pitfalls, and we can help you avoid them.

At one time, you were considered “separated” during the divorce process, and dating could constitute “adultery” and have severe legal consequences. Now, the main concerns are how a new romantic partner will affect the negotiation of various divorce issues.

Moving In Together May Be A Bad Move

Moving in with a new love could be a big mistake if you are discussing child custody and proposing a plan to the court. The “best interests of the child” is always the priority of the courts, and it is hard to predict what the judge will think of exposing your child to a virtual stranger in their home.

Keeping The Peace In A Time Of Turmoil

Many issues in divorce can be settled amicably. But how will your ex and his or her attorney react to your moving on with your life? If you are seen as flaunting your new relationship, understandably, there could be anger and desire for revenge. This is not the time to aggravate someone you need to come to an agreement with.

We recommend prudence during divorce, a very emotionally turbulent time for all. Be very careful in the decisions you make. The Rowe & Manning Law Firm LLC can help you make decisions that will serve you in the long run.

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