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How Long Will My Divorce Take?

One of the first things that someone getting a divorce wonders is how long it will take. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question. Some divorces take weeks; others stretch on for years.

At Rowe & Manning Law Firm LLC, we work with clients in the Baton Rouge area who are preparing for a divorce. When you sit down with us, we can give you an accurate idea of how long it will take to dissolve your marriage. Here, we have answered a few frequently asked questions about the length of a divorce in Louisiana.

Do I have to live apart from my spouse?

Louisiana requires couples to live apart for a certain amount of time before filing for ending a marriage. If you do not have children with your spouse, the two of you must live apart for at least 180 days. If you have minor children, you must live apart for a minimum of 365 days.

Are there exceptions?

You can avoid the mandatory waiting period in a few cases. These involve:

  • One spouse committing adultery
  • One spouse abusing the other spouse or one of their children
  • One spouse obtaining a protective order or injunction against the other
  • The state convicting one spouse of a felony and sentencing them to hard labor or death

If one or more of these factors exists in your marriage, you can petition to skip the mandatory waiting period.

How long does the average divorce take?

Once you and your ex have spent the requisite period apart, the average uncontested divorce takes anywhere from two to 24 weeks to complete. This accounts for completing the paperwork, filing the documents, waiting for the court to get to your case and finalizing everything.

What factors affect the length of a divorce?

The more issues you and your spouse contest in divorce, the longer it will probably take. Major issues such as child support, spousal support and property division usually take the most time to resolve. Even in simple divorces, spouses often go back and forth in negotiations or mediation to resolve these issues. However, small details, such as who gets a certain piece of property, can also have a surprising impact on the length of a divorce.

How can I make a divorce as fast as possible?

The first is to work with a knowledgeable lawyer who has handled several divorces and knows exactly which procedures to follow. The second is to remain flexible when reaching a divorce arrangement; consider compromising on certain outcomes. The final thing you and your spouse can do to finalize a divorce quickly is to work together, though, granted, this is not optimal for every couple.

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