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Marital Fraud/Hidden Assets

Is Your Spouse Hiding Money?

Even before divorce is filed or a lawyer is consulted, people start to feel it is inevitable, or decide that they will file. When the future is uncertain, some of us become insecure, and many in this situation become afraid that they will lose personal property, real estate, or funds. They may try to hide assets or property that should be divided upon divorce.

Generally, one spouse earns more and may also be in charge of the bank accounts, paying bills, investing and other financial matters. He or she may be in a position to take advantage of this experience and take control of assets that rightly belong to both.

Creative Ways Spouses Hide Or Lose Money

Rather than fairly divide property, some spouses choose to squander accounts, spending money on other romantic partners, drugs or almost anything. A restraining order can be requested, freezing accounts and preserving them until a final property settlement is obtained.

There are many ways to hide assets and we are familiar with them. We work with forensic accountants and other professionals to locate funds here and abroad. We obtain and review financial records and look for inconsistencies. We let all parties know in advance that we will be on the lookout for fraudulent transfers anticipating divorce and that these will be brought to the attention of the court.

If you are concerned that assets or items are being hidden away, you may wish to take an inventory of household items or photograph them.

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