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Family Mediation

A Cheaper, More Amicable Solution To Family Problems

Family mediation, in most instances, relates to co-parenting issues; however, divorcing spouses can mediate over community property questions, alimony, child support issues or any family law matter.

At the Rowe & Manning Law Firm LLC, our attorney William C. Rowe is a family mediator with extensive mediation training. Contact our Baton Rouge mediation lawyer to learn about this more cost-effective and healthier form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) than litigation which focuses on resolution.

A Conflict Resolution Method Growing In Popularity

Over the last 15 to 20 years, mediation has become a more prevalent method of resolving disputes. Some judges will order mediation before they will hear a custody trial, for instance. In family mediation, a mediator sits down with the divorcing spouses without lawyers present and facilitates the conversation between parties which is focused on the best interests of the children. Mediation is a wonderful process in which parents avoid the expense and bitterness of trial and instead focus on resolution in three to four sessions with a mediator, ultimately splitting the costs involved.

Parents Have Incentive To Get Along

When parents are separated or getting divorced, they must work out a custody arrangement between the two of them. Child custody mediation allows parents to be able to separate in their minds the divorce issues from the child care issues. Despite their differences, the parents will be parents for the rest of their lives. Although no longer husband and wife, they still have to function as partners who are taking care of this child.

As children grow, these issues can arise again and parents can come back to the mediation table and resolve those differences if they’re not able to agree. After mediation is completed and an agreement has been reached, the agreement must be entered as a court order. We can help.

Find Out If Mediation Is Right For You

Contact our Louisiana mediation attorney at the Rowe & Manning Law Firm LLC to discuss your needs and circumstances and how we may be of assistance.

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