Establishing A Legal Father Protects The Rights Of All

Effective paternity representation is essential in protecting each child’s best interests and protecting your legal rights, whether by agreement or in court.

At the Rowe & Manning Law Firm LLC, our Baton Rouge paternity lawyer can help you protect your rights to receive child support or to secure your legal rights concerning child custody or visitation. We can also help you to avoid child support obligations if DNA testing proves that you are not the father of the child. Contact us today for assistance.

Resolving Questions With DNA Testing

Most paternity or DNA testing is performed to establish legal parental responsibility and provide for child support. A fight over who is the father of a child can be easily resolved by DNA testing. DNA testing establishes paternity in child custody and child support litigation.

Paternity or parentage issues also arise in intrafamily adoption cases (e.g., stepparent, grandparent and other blood relative adoptions), which our family law firm handles regularly. We help adoptive parents through all phases of the adoption process.

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At the Rowe & Manning Law Firm LLC, we will work to efficiently and effectively obtain the results you deserve while minimizing the fees involved. Let us assist you in protecting your legal rights. Contact our Baton Rouge paternity attorney today to schedule an initial consultation.

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