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 January 24, 2014 |

Many people who are unhappy in their marriage think about ending it, but often postpone taking action. With the new year just begun, deciding to finally go forward with the filing of divorce papers may be a positive New Year’s resolution for some. If the marriage is effectively dead and non-functioning, lingering on in an unhappy condition for the fear of the consequences accomplishes nothing, and things may even get worse otherwise.

There will always be more excuses and inertia pulling a person in such a situation to do nothing. Many people are fearful of change. But change can be good. It can be a big relief to move on with your life and make a new start, exploring new possibilities and confronting the challenges of change head-on. Sitting down with an experienced divorce attorney and discussing your options, rights, and responsibilities can be a good first step.

Delaying can be costly emotionally. It can also be costly economically, as marital assets continue to accumulate over time, with more money placed in a 401(k) plan or other savings and investment vehicles to be divided up over time. As for the emotional toll, the time that you delay could be time that you could be happily single or perhaps happily pursuing new relationships.

Many people are surprised to find out what a relief it can be to put a destructive or toxic relationship behind them. Ending it opens up new vistas and possibilities and can empower you to find people to be with who will truly appreciate, respect, and love you. And that can be a very good feeling indeed. Additionally, the necessity of starting over after getting a divorce can give you an opportunity to reassess many things in your life, and decide what it is you really value and really want to do.

Source: Huffington Post, “5 Reasons Why “Getting a Divorce” Is the Best New Year’s Resolution You Can Make in 2014″ Corri D. Fetman, Jan. 15, 2014

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