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 August 14, 2020 |

No matter what led to your decision to go separate ways, you and your spouse must resolve numerous issues before saying your final good-byes. If you have children together, it can take time to work out terms of a co-parenting plan, and you will have a property division settlement to contend with as well. It’s understandable if you’re feeling like you just want to let bygones be bygones, obtain what you’re entitled to, then move on in life to start anew after divorce.

The trouble is that it is often a lot easier said than done, especially if your spouse disregards the rules and regulations about full disclosure of assets and liabilities. Perhaps, you’re one of many Louisiana spouses whose ex is trying to beat the system by hiding assets in divorce. Keep in mind that such behavior is illegal, and the court will be on your side if you have evidence to prove your suspicion.

Where to look for hidden assets

Maybe you’re the type of person who never even tells the smallest white lie. If so, you may not have the first clue about where to look if you suspect your spouse is trying to hide assets in divorce. This list might be helpful:

  • Many Louisiana spouses try to hide assets in divorce by giving money to a third party to hold until settlement. Has your spouse claimed to be paying back a loan to a friend or lending many to a relative?
  • Pay close attention to tax information because you might discover hidden assets when you review such documents. For instance, you might notice a property tax deduction on an itemized list for a property you didn’t know existed.
  • If your spouse has recently overpaid on a credit card balance, it might be a red flag that points you toward some hidden assets.

If your spouse claims that certain assets don’t exist or that he or she lost an item of value, it may be reason enough to further inquire about the situation.

Where to seek support if you suspect a hidden asset scheme

When a family court judge determines who gets what in divorce or who is responsible for a specific portion of debt, he or she can only make a fair decision if both sides have fully disclosed their assets and liabilities. If you believe your spouse is trying to gain the upper hand in property division proceedings by stashing cash or hiding assets, you can reach out for immediate legal support to help you investigate the matter.

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