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 October 9, 2015 |

When celebrities get divorced it is oftentimes considered headline news. Louisiana residents might grow tired of seeing these stories, but there is a lot to learn from them. Normal, everyday people can see how those who go through a high asset divorce handle common divorce legal issues such as property division and spousal support, which might help give insight into the marriage dissolution process.

For example, Academy Award nominee Gary Oldman recently finalized his fourth divorce, severing marital relations to Alexandra Edenborough. As part of the divorce settlement, Oldman will pay the singer $3.3 million. Their assets were also divided and each individual will keep all rights to their own entertainment activities. The settlement ends their six year marriage and, as can be seen by the amounts of money in play, may have significantly reshaped each party’s financial standing.

Though this case involves celebrities, the same legal issues can confront Louisianans who are not famous. Property division will almost always come into play and even if a couple does not have millions of dollars worth of assets, the assets they do have can be significant to both spouses. Therefore, it is critical that, like celebrities who get divorced, everyday people who are going through the process ensure that they are fighting for what is fair.

There are many ways to protect one’s interests when going through a divorce. One of the best ways is to utilize a prenuptial agreement. These agreements can spell out how financial matters will be addressed in the event of a divorce, allowing the couple to focus on the lives together without worry about what will happen if it all comes to an end. When dealing with divorce legal matters, individuals can seek help from a qualified legal professional who may be able to clarify the process and work to ensure property interests are as protected as possible.

Source: USA Today, “Actor Gary Oldman’s fourth divorce finalized,” Oct. 2, 2015

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