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 August 6, 2019 |

If you’re currently planning to file for divorce in a Louisiana civil court, you certainly are not the only parent in the state whose marriage is heading in that direction. In fact, you likely have neighbors, co-workers, friends or relatives who have already divorced or are considering it. Like all good parents, your children’s well-being is your highest priority.

While divorce need not necessarily ruin your kids’ lives, your decision will definitely affect them. Many children experience some anxiety and fear when they learn that their parents are choosing to sever their marital ties. By building a strong support network from the start, you can help your children cope in as healthy a manner as possible as you and they work together to adapt to a new lifestyle.

Issues that might be on your child’s mind

No two children react in exactly the same way to news that their parents are getting divorced. The following list, however, includes numerous worries and fears that are common among children when their lives are disrupted by divorce:

  • It’s definitely critical that children feel loved and supported in order to thrive in life. Thinking that their parents hate each other can cause kids a lot of stress, and this is a common worry for children when they learn that their parents are filing for divorce.
  • When you and your spouse no longer reside under the same roof, your children may fear that you’re expecting them to choose between you. You can help your kids cope with divorce by telling them often that it’s okay for them to be loyal to and love both parents.
  • Never assume that your children understand why you have decided to divorce. Many kids internalize their parents’ situations and blame themselves in the process, thinking something they did or said caused their parents’ marital problems.

By working as a team with your ex regarding your children’s well-being, you may be able to alleviate these and other worries your kids might have as you all move on in life after divorce. If they witness you peacefully interacting for their sake, they are far less likely to blame themselves for the situation or to worry that one or both of you will be angry at them for the way that they feel.

Legal problems can intensify children’s stress

If you and your ex are constantly fighting about child custody, child support or other issues, your kids will no doubt pick up on the fact that you’re not getting along regarding issues that pertain to them. Parental conflict definitely affects children’s ability to cope with divorce.

Many Louisiana parents stay closely connected to experienced family law attorneys so they can seek guidance and support to help resolve any legal obstacles that arise, which, in turn, can help keep stress levels to a minimum.

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