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 September 25, 2015 |

When your child’s other parent has been ordered to pay support, it may feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. You may feel as if you will receive the financial assistance you need to get by, and you no longer have to struggle to provide for your child. Sadly, though, far too many Louisiana parents are left in a state of financial insecurity because their child’s noncustodial parent fails to pay his or her obligation. This can be infuriating, however, there is some good news when dealing and addressing this situation.

The state and federal governments make resources available to custodial parents in an effort to help them recoup the child support they are owed. One of these resources is the parent locator service. This service can provide a custodial parent with information about those who receive Social Security, a veteran’s pension or those who work for the federal government.

Additionally, the Internal Revenue Service or IRS can be of great assistance. Using their collection methods, you may be able to have your child’s parent’s federal tax returns withheld or his or her wages garnished. There is a fee to set up this service, but it may be worth it as it could help provide a significant and steady stream of financial relief.

Dealing with nonpayment of child support isn’t fun, but it is often necessary. In the end, collecting child support is about giving your child the best life possible. Therefore, it is important that you fully consider the collection options available to you and act on those that you think would be most beneficial to you, if any. An experienced family law attorney may be able to provide guidance on this matter to help ensure you make the best choice possible under the circumstances.

Source: Department of Children & Family Services, “Parent Locator Service,” accessed on Sep. 18, 2015

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