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 May 21, 2015 |

Paternity cases establish a father’s right to time with his child as well as his duty to help financially support the child through child support payments.

Our firm represents both fathers and mothers in paternity cases. We represent fathers who wish to establish custody as well as fathers who don’t believe they have fathered a child and want to confirm this. We also represent mothers who want to establish paternity in order to get the financial support they need to raise their child.

In all of these cases, DNA testing can be extremely valuable evidence. DNA is refers to the genetic makeup of every cell in the human body. Each individual has unique DNA — except for identical twins — and a person receives half of their DNA from their mother and half of their DNA from their father.

In DNA testing, the child’s DNA is compared to the mother’s DNA using blood samples. The child’s genetic characteristics that cannot be found in the mother’s DNA had to have come from the father. The suspected father’s blood sample is then tested to see if the DNA matches.

DNA can prove whether or not a man is the biological father of a child with between 90 and 99 percent accuracy, according to Family courts generally accept DNA test results as proof of paternity, so long as reputable testing was used.

Additionally, it is often possible to obtain a court order that requires a man to take DNA testing to confirm or deny paternity.

Every child has a right to know who his father is, every father has a right to have a role in his child’s life, and every mother has a right to receive financial support from the biological father. DNA testing is an easy way to make sure that all of these rights are met.

However, at the Rowe & Manning Law Firm LLC, we understand that paternity testing is very emotional and life-altering, which is why we are available to offer compassionate support. To meet with one of our experienced lawyers about establishing paternity in Louisiana, contact our offices today.

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