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 December 30, 2015 |

Divorce can be heart-wrenching, reshaping the way an individual’s life looks after the process is settled. The matter can be even more difficult to handle with child custody is challenged. And even when a resolution is reached, child support issues can linger for years. Though noncustodial parents often have to help pay for every day, educational, and extracurricular expenses, they also have to help pay for their children’s medical care. But what if medical expenses far exceed one’s health insurance coverage?

How this issue is handled is determined by the parameters of one’s divorce. For example, a couple’s divorce agreement regarding child support may spell out that any uninsured medical expenses will be split evenly amongst the parents. However, if uninsured medical and dental costs are not addressed in the divorce decree, then a court may add these amounts to other child support obligations, split based on the state’s child support guidelines.

So what does this mean for Louisianans who are considering divorce? It means that they need to carefully consider every potential financial issue that may arise and address it during settlement negotiations. It may be easier to negotiate a 50/50 split for all expenses at that time than once the financial strain arises. Those going through divorce need to carefully think through their situation and map out exactly how they want any financial issues to be addressed in the event that they arise.

Uninsured medical expenses make up just a fraction of the financial obligations that can arise during the course of childhood. To ensure that a parent is seeking a fair and favorable resolution to child support determination, or seeking modification when necessary, he or she may want to seek out the assistance of a skilled legal professional.

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