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 March 9, 2018 |

It may come as no surprise to married Louisiana residents facing financial issues that money plays a big role in whether their marriage will last or not. This may be because remaining married to someone who is unable to manage their money and who is running up their credit card bills can strain a marriage — diminishing family savings means even more financial struggles in the long-run.

A five-year study conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau revealed that bartenders and casino workers have the highest divorce rate, occupation wise. According to the report, 52.9 percent of gaming managers split from their partners, followed by bartenders with a rate of 52.7 percent. Flight attendants, metal and plastic machine workers and telemarketers also have high rates of divorce.

Jobs with the lowest rate of divorce were those of physicians, scientists and chemical engineers. Actuaries, with a median annual salary of $97,000 had a divorce rate of only 17 percent, the lowest rate occupation wise. This seems to demonstrate that employment stability may also play a role in whether a marriage endures.

Finances may or may not play a role in your decision to end your marriage, but they certainly will play a role in your divorce. A large part of any divorce is the process known as property division, in which the parties divide their marital property according to state law. While some types of property, such as checking accounts, are relatively easy to divide, others, such as retirement accounts and real estate, can require complex work.

Regardless of the reason, it may be helpful to have an experienced professional by one’s side during the divorce process to ensure the family law issues are resolved in a manner beneficial for them in the long run.

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