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 May 28, 2019 |

When a Louisiana parent gets divorced, he or she must keep in touch with his or her ex regarding their children.

If you’re currently facing a similar situation, all is likely to go well, provided you and your ex get along well. More often than not, however, even former couples who can relate in an amicable fashion may encounter certain challenges concerning their kids, especially with regard to custody or child support.

The good news is that many parents have trod similar paths before you, so you can review their opinions about various tools they like to rely on to aid them in their co-parent relationships. If you implement such tools, it doesn’t guarantee that a problem will never arise. That’s why it’s also important to know how to protect your rights and your children’s best interests.

Communication tools you might want to try

Especially if you have several children, keeping track of the goings on in their lives can be stressful even in the best of circumstances. The following list includes apps and other advanced technology tools that might help you and your ex keep post-divorce stress to a minimum:

  • Digital calendars: It can be challenging to figure out or remember which parent’s turn it is to drive the kids somewhere or pick them up from school, a sporting event or a friend’s house. By using a digital calendar, you can schedule all activities and note which parent is driving who, where.
  • Photo sharing apps: Now that you will no longer live under one roof as a whole family, there will be many times your children will be away from you. Since they might experience a special achievement or simply make enjoyable memories while in the care of their other parent, you and your ex can agree to use online photo sharing apps to allow both parents to feel included in their children’s lives at all times.
  • Video chat: If you and your ex tend to argue when meeting in person, you can agree to text, use video chat or some other app to correspond as needed regarding your children. This is an easy way to avoid in-person confrontations.
  • Financial apps: Child support issues may be a major factor in your divorce. There are also online apps where you can track expenses, schedule and make payments, and access payment history, especially if a problem arises.

Louisiana spouses often divorce, but parents do not abdicate their responsibilities to their children because of it. You can increase the chances of a positive post-divorce experience by taking advantage of advanced technology and also by knowing where to turn for assistance if you’re having trouble resolving a particular issue and feel like you need some added support.

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