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 January 14, 2013 |

The financial blow that men and women in Louisiana absorb during a divorce is significant. Understandably, these ex-spouses will want to avoid further damage with a second or even third divorce. Unfortunately, this happens quite a bit. In fact, statistics reveal that second marriages run a higher risk of failing than first marriages. On top of that, third marriages are doomed to fail even more so than second marriages.

With things like money, assets and child custody on the line for every marriage, men and women will want to do everything they can to make their second or third marriages works.

One blogger for the Huffington Post recently acknowledged how crucial making second or third marriages work can be. Upon discussing ways of making these marriages work with friends that have gone through such situations, she revealed a number of ways to get things right in subsequent marriages.

One big way is by learning to not be so controlling. This is a problem that drives a rift between husbands and wives all the time. When one husband or wife is able to learn that they do not have to control every aspect of a marriage, both spouses will benefit.

In many failed marriages, conflicting parent styles were a major factor leading to divorce. In order to make later marriages work, spouses need to avoid letting their children divide them. Instead, they need to get on the same page in terms of parenting methods and enforce rules that they have collaborated to form.

Surprisingly, something as simple as learning to not allow small things bother you can ensure the health of your marriage. When you are married and live with someone for so long, small habits can start to wear on your nerves. Learning to let these innocent distractions roll off your shoulders can be the key to a successful marriage.

Many couples treat a second or third marriage as a chance to start over. If that’s the case, they should take lessons they learned from a failed marriage and take steps to correct them in a later one.

Source: Huffington Post, “Marrying Again: An Opportunity to Get it Right?” Christine Gallagher, Jan. 7, 2013

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