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 October 30, 2014 |

When you think of adoption in Louisiana, do you think of a couple adopting a child whose parents they have never met? Perhaps they cannot have children on their own, but they still want to raise a family. This is a very common type of adoption, of course, but it is important to note that intrafamily adoptions also happen frequently.

In short, this is the official adoption of a child by a stepparent. For example, a woman may be married, have a son and then get divorced. When the son is five years old, she could get married again. Her new husband may want to have a big role in the son’s life, so he could decide to adopt the boy as his own.

This is simply one example, as these types of adoptions can also include grandparents, stepmothers and other such relations.

Now, the easiest way for this to happen, if you are thinking about doing it, is to reach out to the other biological parent and ask for his or her permission. If given, the adoption can quickly and easily move forward. It may even be wise to have an attorney reach out on your behalf.

However, in some cases, parental consent is not given. In these cases, the parental rights of the original parent will need to be terminated. This can be a much longer and more complicated process, but it is possible.

Before you move forward with your adoption plans, make sure that you know exactly what has to be done for an intrafamily adoption. Check out our main page on adoptions to learn more right away.

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