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 December 8, 2017 |

Alimony is considered a financial tool to even out the imbalance a divorcing couple may face as one spouse may be earning more than the other and, without a stable source of income, the one who is financially dependent on the other may find their financial life suddenly falling apart. But the question that comes to mind in today’s families is-do men receive alimony as well as women?

Of the 400,000 people who received alimony or spousal support in the country in 2014, Louisiana residents may be surprised to hear only three percent were men, even though female breadwinners had headed 40 percent of the divorced households. This means that thousands of men who might have been eligible to receive alimony did not. But why?

According to some experts, gender stereotypes are difficult to live down-men are considered the traditional breadwinners and asking females for financial support in front of others can be considered emasculating. This is why men who may even have a strong case for spousal support refrain from filing it. There are also others who suggest that women contest paying alimony aggressively, while men go into a divorce expecting to pay support-this is another reason men hesitate to ask for support, as they feel shamed into not receiving alimony.

There are many family law issues that arise during divorce litigation and each party should strive to resolve them as amicably but also as fairly as possible. After all, one’s future eventually depends on the decisions made during the divorce. It may be beneficial to consult an experienced attorney for guidance on how to ensure one’s interests are protected during a divorce.

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