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 April 20, 2018 |

It may sound like a contradiction, talking about the possible reasons why one might get a divorce from their partner, soon after they get engaged to one another, but some experts claim this could possibly be the best time do engage in this discussion. If a couple lays out their boundaries and expectations before embarking on their marital journey together, there are less likely to be misunderstandings further on in the relationship.

Louisiana couples should talk about non-negotiable issues for them. What does fidelity mean, how are they going to handle financial issues and where do they see themselves after a certain number of years. This gives each party a realistic expectation of their marriage.

Having identified possible causes for divorce, couples should also look at what steps they would take to prevent it. Every couple faces problems — successful couples have a plan of action of how to deal with them. Does one prefer to wait it out or go to counseling? Which type of problems deserve what type of resolution is also an important thing to look at — what could be possible big issues that might require intervention?

Having gone this far, it is also important to address what each party would need from each other in case the divorce went through. This can be addressed through a prenuptial agreement. The time right after an engagement is possibly the time where the couple’s affection for one another is at their highest, therefore they are more likely to make sensible and fair decisions. How would the residential property be disposed of and how much financial support would one need from the other? These are things that the prenuptial agreement can cover.

Nobody goes into a marriage thinking about what to do if it falls apart, but addressing these issues headfirst can prevent a lot of disagreement and emotional turbulence if things go south in the future. It might be beneficial to consult an experienced attorney for matters that a prenuptial agreement can include.

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