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 January 26, 2017 |

In our last blog post we discussed a messy high-asset divorce where some family law issues have lingered for years. It’s not uncommon for these matters to arise from time-to-time, even post-divorce. One parent may want to seek sole custody of their child, another may want to modify an existing child support obligation, or, as was the circumstance in the case discussed last week, one former spouse may want to modify an alimony obligation.

Regardless of what kind of divorce legal issue an individual in Louisiana is facing, knowing how to craft compelling legal arguments is the key to success. Child custody matters hinge on showing what is in a child’s best interests, and child support and spousal support modifications are determined based on a satisfactory showing of changed circumstances. Since the legal system is adversarial by nature, those facing these issues need to know not only how to persuasively present their arguments but also negate the other side’s position.

Although parents always have the right to pursue their cases on their own, many Louisiana residents find the assistance of skilled legal professionals valuable. At the Rowe & Manning Law Firm LLC, our team has years of experience handling divorces and other family law matters. Regardless of one’s familial situation, if family legal issues arise we stand ready to assist. We work with our clients to identify what they truly want and how best to obtain it. Then we go to work gathering evidence and testimony to support that position.

Our legal team is skilled at not only negotiating resolutions, but also litigating matters before a judge. This doesn’t mean taking every matter to trial, but rather making contested arguments in court, whether it is in the form of a trial or not. We take pride in our experience and track record of success. To learn more about divorce legal issues in Louisiana, you can visit our website.

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