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 August 15, 2013 |

Couples in Louisiana getting a divorce may, in some cases, find a process known as divorce mediation to be helpful. Mediation on some issues can be an alternative to fighting out each and every issue in court. It provides both spouses an opportunity to express their strongest concerns and to see if there is some common grounds on certain issues that they can agree on.

It is an opportunity to explore whether it is possible to work out solutions to some problems in a non-antagonistic fashion. It by no means is a substitute for having the advice of an experienced divorce attorney, and even those wishing to explore the use of mediation on some issues are well advised to first retain an attorney and enter the process fully advised of their rights and responsibilities.

Mediation often results in a memorandum of understanding on some issues that can be incorporated in whole or in part, into an ultimate divorce settlement agreement. Mediation does not remove any options. If the parties cannot agree on major issues, there is always still the available avenue of litigating them in the courtroom. All that anyone really commits themselves to in entering into a mediation attempt is to go to some meetings, present their own side of things, and be open to listening to the other side’s point of view. If you still disagree, so be it.

Many experienced divorce attorneys today are familiar with the mediation process and advise you as to whether it may or may not be appropriate for your particular circumstances.

Source:, “What to expect with divorce mediation” Mindy Elgart, Aug. 08, 2013

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