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 May 4, 2018 |

Going from seeing one’s children on a daily basis to once a week is a huge transition not just for divorcing Louisiana parents, but also for their children. However, this does not have to be the only option. As mentioned previously on this blog, judges are now favoring joint custody awards, giving both parents equal access to children and allowing them to develop a relationship with their children.

Many people may not realize that even before the case reaches a court, divorcing parents themselves have an opportunity to establish a child custody and visitation plan. The benefits of this are obvious –parents can work out visitation based on their schedules and accommodate one another’s needs. If they are unable to reach a decision and a judge intervenes, making a decision based on the best interests of the children and this can involve arrangements the parents are not in favor.

Many couples may shy away from reaching an agreement amongst themselves because they may not know how to negotiate or may not want to deal with their significant other. But, an experienced attorney or mediator can be of great assistance at this time, negotiating with the other party, so the couple actually does not have to deal with one another. Additionally, experienced professionals, such as those at our law firm, understand the ins and outs of the laws, and therefore will not be pressurized to accept an agreement that is not in their client’s best interests.

Whether one is trying to achieve an agreement without judicial intervention or through it, having knowledgeable professionals by one side, explaining the process and providing guidance throughout can be highly beneficial. Visit our page for more information.

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