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 November 18, 2016 |

For many Louisiana families, adoption is a viable way to expand their families. For many Louisiana children, adoption is a great way to find the loving, caring family they deserve. The number of children in foster homes awaiting adoption is quite high but, fortunately, Louisiana has a strong record of adoption, giving children the forever homes they deserve.

In fact, Louisiana leads the nation in foster care adoptions, and has done so over the last four years. Between October 1, 2015 and September 30, 2016, 735 Louisianan children were adopted from foster homes. Despite the number of adoptions, though, the state still sees a large number of children in need of a forever family. In fact, in the Lake Charles area alone there are currently 64 children waiting to be adopted.

Being that November is National Adoption Month, it is important to recognize that the state of Louisiana is active in making adoption easier, safer and quicker. There is even a legislative coalition on adoption to continually address these matters. Yet, processing through an adoption can still be challenging, and those considering expanding their family should be sure that they take the steps necessary to ensure legality and safety. Those who fail to adequately plan their adoption and how to pursue it in a legally sound way may wind up facing unwanted consequences, including delay, and, in the cases of a contested adoption, losing on an adoption petition.

With this in mind, those Louisianans who are considering adoption may want to seek out legal assistance. Attorneys who are skilled in this area of the law know how to navigate the system and take the steps necessary to further an adoptive family’s best interests. To learn more about how Louisianan adoption attorneys help further adoption efforts, individuals can contact an attorney of their choosing.

Source: KPLC, “Louisiana stands out during National Adoption Month,” Britney Glaser, Nov. 1, 2016

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