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Business Financing

If your business is seeking assistance with financing, turn to the Rowe & Manning Law Firm LLC in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We have years of experience representing all types of businesses in a wide range of financing and business law matters. Our firm is committed to standing up for your business and structuring our representation in a way that protects your business from future legal issues.

We can assist those who are starting a business with securing initial financing for the business. We also work with established businesses to ensure that they have stability in financing going into the future. Our handling of business financing matters also includes:

  • Finding equity financing
  • Buy-sell agreements between owners
  • Facilitating the addition of investors to the business
  • Positioning the business to get a conventional loan
  • Obtaining financing in order to purchase another business

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Short Of Money?

Due to today’s economy, many businesses are struggling with their financing. Many are facing a shortage of money due to the slowdown of business. Our firm can work with your business to help keep you afloat in tough times. We can advise you on options such as institutional lending or securing a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan.

Life Insurance Funding

In instances where one partner in a business has died, we can advise the other partner on how to continue with the business. Life insurance often aids in these situations. The surviving partner may not have to deal with the spouse of the deceased partner as another partner he or she did not want when life insurance is used to fund the business. Our firm can advise on these issues and give you specific details based on your individual situation.

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