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At the Rowe & Manning Law Firm LLC, our respected team of attorneys can guide you through every step of estate planning and the succession process for the orderly dispensation of an estate.

We have built a reputation for trustworthiness and loyalty to our clients throughout Baton Rouge and the surrounding communities. We can give you honest answers and efficient, creative solutions to your concerns over property at the time of your eventual passing.

The Louisiana Difference

Louisiana has a unique legal system with roots in the civil codes of mainland Europe. Under our system, succession is the term used to describe how heirs to an estate receive the property, assets, money or businesses of a deceased relative or friend. In other jurisdictions, this process is termed probate, but here in Louisiana, we sometimes do things differently.

Succession of ownership, succession of title, succession planning, contests and disputes involving executors and estate administrators are among the concerns of our clients. When someone dies, the law requires that important steps must be taken to ensure that their wishes about assets, including businesses or property, are followed. Children, relatives, other heirs and creditors may have to be notified. An experienced succession law attorney can satisfy the legal requirements of succession and can help represent your interests, reducing the chance that an administrative error or deficiency in procedure will make ownership or operation of a property or business more difficult or impossible in the future.

Is it possible to avoid the succession process? Learn more.

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We want to answer your questions and get things moving as quickly and efficiently as possible while remembering to pay our respects to the deceased. We will listen to you about the interests involved and provide you with discreet and honest legal advice.

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