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 January 4, 2018 |

December may be the month that sees the lowest number if divorce filings, according to a study conducted that analyzed 15 years’ worth of filings from one state in the country. They peak in March and once again in August-coinciding with the end of holidays that could contribute to stressors that could be the final straw that break a marriage. Many experts call January 1 “Divorce Day”, as they see a spike in phone calls requesting information about divorce.

Those Louisiana couples that stuck out the holidays for family members and are now mulling over a separation in the new year may want to consider taking a few steps to ensure they are prepared for ending their marriage.

Most importantly perhaps is getting documentation to support and demonstrate the finances in the marriage. These could be paystubs, tax returns, bank statements, credit card bills and perhaps even credit reports, depending on the situation. These documents could be particularly useless for alimony and child support calculations. Similarly, it is important to educate oneself about the divorce process of one’s state-laws about property division, child support and alimony are just some of the issues that could arise during the process.

Many find it helpful to create a list of one’s goals-to picture what one expects from the divorce and for their life post divorce. Even though a divorce may not be what one expected when they entered their marriage, making the best of the situation should be something to consider in the new year.

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