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 March 12, 2014 |

A recent case of child custody in Louisiana’s neighboring state of Georgia has grabbed the attention of the media. The father in the case has demanded all court records be sealed and kept hidden from public view. The news frenzy has spread to all parts of the U.S, including Louisiana.

The custody issue has become such a mortifying and embarrassing situation for the star, who fears for the future of his child. He claims the mother of their little girl has invaded his moral integrity and that will not only affect his future relationship with his child, but also his potential future earnings.

Normally, a story like this might be buried on page 17 of the Baton Rouge afternoon rag. When the father is a well-known rapper, it makes front page news. The world-famous celebrity has been vocal about the case, stating that the mother of his child has defamed his character throughout the custody battle of their child.

The entertainer has accused the child’s mother of taking unfair advantage of the paternity and custody laws in nearby Georgia. He has disputed the amount he has been ordered to pay, stating court records have misrepresented him as a deadbeat dad who wants nothing to do with his baby daughter.

The rapper says this is blatantly untrue and, due to the gross negligence of the Southern media to misconstrue his actions and statements, he claims he has been publicly humiliated. He worries that someday his little girl could read the alleged lies caused by a gold-digging mother.

He adds that although he had been in a long-term relationship with another woman when the child’s mother gave birth, a paternity test established he was the father. He has never stopped providing for her.

A custody battle is sad for everyone, but especially for a child. In an average situation, the cases blend one into another and become indistinguishable. When a child is the offspring of a celebrity, the media gets involved, and a private matter becomes a highly publicized event. All children, regardless of who their parents are, should be treated fairly in ways that protect their best interests.

Source: BET, “Ludacris Says He Is “Publicly Humiliated” by Custody Battle Wants judge to seal court proceedings to protect his reputation.” Evelyn Diaz, Mar. 06, 2014

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