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 May 10, 2017 |

Property division, child custody, and child support are some of the many family law issues that are often associated with divorce in Louisiana. While these matters are certainly prevalent in divorce cases, they can also arise in instances where splitting couples are not married. This is becoming more common, too, as many young couples are putting off marriage in hopes of finding financial stability first. Yet, without the legal boundaries established by a legal marriage, these couples can find themselves squabbling over really important issues since there is no clearly defined way to handle them.

The best way to avoid this situation may be to enter into a cohabitation agreement. These contracts spell out which property belongs to whom and how jointly acquired property will be divided in the event that the relationship ends. These agreements are essentially the same as prenuptial agreements and can address many of the same issues. The only difference is that the agreement is not contingent upon marriage. But even these agreements can be the subject of legal disputes, which is why those seeking to enter into a cohabitation agreement, dispute the contents of such an agreement, or address pertinent family law matters in the absence of a cohabitation agreement, should consider seeking legal assistance.

The legal team at the Rowe & Manning Law Firm LLC is dedicated to handling family law issues. We know how to negotiate agreements, dispute their validity when drafted by others, and argue the meaning of an agreement’s contents. Absent an agreement, we have experience aggressively fighting to ensure our clients have a fair shake at obtaining that to which they are entitled. This has meant seeking retirement assets, a house, checking and savings accounts, as well as non-financial matters such as child custody and child support.

Unmarried couples may stress about how to untangle their lives when their relationships end, and it can be an incredibly complex procedure. But by having the assistance of an experienced and skilled legal professional, individuals can put themselves in a position where their legal rights, and their future, is as fully protected as possible under the circumstances.

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