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 January 7, 2016 |

In a time of financial strife, child support can be a financial stabilizer or a financial devastator. For example, as was discussed last week on our blog, child support for medical expenses that go beyond insurance coverage can be significant. For a custodial parent who is unable to collect a reasonable amount from a noncustodial parent, such expenses may leave him or her with the decision of which bills he or she can realistically pay in any given month. Similarly, a noncustodial parent who does pay his or her fair share of the bill could face financial uncertainty.

Though there may not be any way to avoid financial struggles on one end of the child support system, an individual might be able to find some clarity and certainty by adequately addressing child support during the divorce process. For example, by reaching a settlement agreement that addresses medical expenses, parents can rest easy knowing how the bill will be split in the event that their child needs extensive medical care.

Likewise, seeking a child support modification may be a great way to reduce one’s financial obligation. If one party has experienced a substantial change that results in financial difficulties such as the loss of a job or medical complications, then a modification may be granted. This would ease that parent’s monthly child support responsibility, which could allow him or her to pay more in the event that his or her child needs medical treatment.

In the end, legal divorce issues like child support should be adequately addressed during marriage dissolution. Failing to do so could result in unwanted outcomes, which is why discussing the matter with an attorney can be beneficial. The Rowe & Manning Law Firm LLC has helped many Louisianans find favorable divorce resolutions and peace of mind by providing sound legal advice and advocacy at a time when emotions can often cloud decision-making.

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