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 May 25, 2012 |

Chances are that once your marriage deteriorates and results in a divorce, you are not going to call it quits on love forever. Especially when couples divorce at a young age, men and women have the sometimes-tough task of moving past that rejection and getting back out on the market to try and strike relationships with other individuals. St. Louis men and women who are a product of divorce — or even a separation that will likely lead to divorce — can’t simply jump into a relationship like a single person might be able to.

These individuals bring in significantly more proverbial baggage. Not being open and honest about your emotions could lead to heartbreak for everyone involved in a budding relationship. For this reason, many divorced men and women would caution others to be very careful when entering a new relationship. This is a delicate time where the wrong move could hurt others.

Some men and women opt to search for love even before divorce. This often comes during a separation period when a husband and wife need to make a decision whether to work on the relationship or not. In these situations, being open and honest with a new potential romantic interest is even more important. One male blogger that found himself in this exact situation provided advice on how to approach new relationships whether you are divorced or separated. He said:

  • Take your time: There is no need to rush into a new relationship
  • Establish a friendship first: Part of moving slow includes fostering a friendship before transitioning into a romantic relationship
  • Establish closure in a previous relationship: With the status of a previous relationship still in limbo, it is impossible to focus your attention on a new one.

Finding love and a healthy relationship after a divorce is not impossible, however, it might required a little added work to move one.

Source: The Huffington Post, “The next relationship,” Steven Crandall, March 14, 2012

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